Development & Construction


Developing asmoother path.

Knowing that development and construction go hand in hand, we oversee both disciplines in-house.

Waterloo Pool Deck
waterloo ground floor exterior
Moontower ATX Exterior
moontower atx pool
Whistler ATL exterior
Rendering of the marching band at a parade outside the building of Rambler Columbus in fall.
Moontower PHX Exterior
Moontower PHX pool deck
Rambler Exterior during golden hour
Rambler atx courtyard
Sweetwater Exterior
Rendering of the Rambler building in Athens, Georgia.
Rambler Athens exterior
Rambler Atlanta, coming in 2025 to Atlanta, GA
Entryway to Rambler Atlanta, a student housing property near Georgia Tech

Streamliningthe process

On the development side, our team clears the path to success, running feasibility checks, navigating entitlements, and working closely with municipalities. 

We know the value of deep industry experience and the importance of partnering with the best GCs in the industry. It’s the reason LV properties are like no other. 

rendering of entry at Paseo on 80 Rainey

Building astandout property

We take a hands-on approach to construction for a reason: it yields better results. With development, design, and construction all in-house, handoffs between each discipline are seamless and efficient. This carries over to our speed to market. Even on a fast track, we consistently deliver on-time and on-budget. The contractors we collaborate with have come to expect meticulous reports and a collaborative spirit.

For us, the final product needs to match the design vision. No surprises. No compromises. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

whistler pool overlooking Atlanta skyline

What setsus apart

On-Time, On-Budget, and On-Point

We go out of our way to deliver projects on-time, on-budget, and exactly as envisioned by our design team. This includes fast-track projects that depend upon speed to market as much as industry experience.

Accountable Down to the Last Detail

From site visits to change logs to schedules and contingencies, we track everything with an eye for detail and a commitment to clear, consistent communication with project stakeholders.

Expertise Capable of Pushing the Boundaries

Exceptional experiences don’t just happen. We partner with proven designers, builders, and innovators and push them to go beyond their comfort zone. This is the value of having an in-house design studio leading the way. It also ensures handoffs are kept to a minimum and project efficiency is dialed up to the maximum.

Building Responsibly

We put people first. All people. Which means putting health and wellbeing at the forefront of the experiences we create. It means sustainable building practices that look out for the planet and the generations who will inherit it. Some would call it being intentional. We call it being human.

Smart Housing for All

For many, housing can be a luxury. Others simply need a roof over their head. For this reason, we work closely with cities and municipalities, designing smart housing programs that give those who live on the margins a place to call home—our properties included. When the need is greatest, we open the door.

Honoring Community

Ultimately our properties are designed to elevate and embrace the neighborhoods they’re in. To get there, we meet with community groups and local stakeholders to ensure we’re honoring their core vitality. Our goal is to maintain the distinct character and culture of an area. By being mindful of where a neighborhood has been, we can better support where it’s going.

Development &Construction Awards

exterior reality
Scaled Waterloo apartment building in West Campus by LV Collective.
Moontower building photo


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