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We sat down with a few of our interns who shared their experience as LV interns. This is what they had to say…

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Expand Your Network

Meet peers across different business lines. Build professional and personal relationships.

Craft Coffee Experience

Order your favorite drink or have our barista whip up something special.

Fully Stocked Break Room

Feast daily on a complementary assortment of delicious snacks.

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Bring your pup to work. Make lots of new friends.

One-on-one Mentorship

Learn from experienced professionals in a collaborative setting.

Competitive Compensation

Receive competitive compensation for your work. Our interns are a valued member of the team, so we compensate them accordingly.

Jessica Lee, Investments Intern at LV Collective

“Interning for LV has been the best experience I could ask for as a college student. I have seen how deals come into existence, the process for projects coming to life, and the delivery of a building full of residentsAs an Investments Intern, I have learned how to apply information from my finance and real estate courses to the real world. From helping underwrite new deals to building comparison tools and dashboards (and making a fair number of mistakes along the way), I can now confidently say I have a better understanding of the real estate development process. With all that being said, the best part about LV is the people. Not only am I motivated by their work ethic but also by how they work with each other. The team genuinely wants to see each other grow and succeed, so they take the time to pour into youI am excited to continue my career at LV.”

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Headshot of Bella Alonzo, Marketing Intern at LV Collective

“The opportunity to intern on LV’s marketing team for the last year has taught me valuable personal and professional skills beyond anything I’ve learned during my time at UT. The welcoming size of the company makes it so that you can receive one-on-one mentorship from experienced professionals, and everyone in this collaborative office will enthusiastically answer even the simplest question. 

Of any college job or internship, I’ve had, LV has been the place where I’ve gained the most knowledge and consistently found myself in a constructive environment. Kendall Guinn, Lauren Little, and the rest of the marketing department diligently ensure that I’m challenged with fulfilling projects while taking into account my strengths and interests. The outstanding culture here really makes it so that you’re always eager to come into the office. LV has an internship program I recommend to absolutely anyone looking to learn, and it’s a team I’m proud to be a part of!” 

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John Mark Grant, Investments Intern at LV Collective

“Joining LV as a Property Management Intern and later shifting onto the Investments Team has provided me with an invaluable insight into the holistic commercial real estate development process. In my time at LV, I was able to take part in the lease-up of four student housing assets, participate in the underwriting of deals across the nation, and lead market research initiatives for both the Property Management and Investments Teams.

At LV, you’re more than just an intern; you’re a respected, valued member of a team of motivating and inspiring individuals. Every day I was surrounded by people who pushed me to do my best work and supported me every step of the way. The highlight of this internship was being a part of a community that wants to see you succeed and will equip you with the tools and skills to do so. I could not recommend LV enough to anyone seeking experience in real estate.” 

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Ellen Clark, Digital Marketing Intern at LV Collective

“Interning at LV Collective was such an educational and rewarding experience! While working with LV’s qualified marketing team, I learned so much about digital marketing strategy and tactics. I had the unique ability to guide my own learning experience by communicating with my supervisors on what skills I’d like to hone. Thanks to the collaborative culture at LV, I’ve learned the value of teamwork, constructive communication and effective brainstorming. Even as one of the youngest in the office, my opinions and ideas were heavily considered when making department-wide decisions. I was able to network through various group projects, meetings, and company get-togethers. Whether it was celebrating an intern’s graduation or the topping-out of our latest building, LV employees are friends both in and out of the office.”

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Audrey Headshot

“The best advice I would give a future intern is don’t be afraid to dive into a project. Don’t be afraid to ask anyone what they’re doing because there’s so many valuable things you can learn from each and every person. At LV, I never really felt like just an intern, I really felt a part of the team.”

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Ellie Headshot

“Not only did my internship at LV give me a preview of what to expect from a marketing job, it gave me the skills and confidence to know that I can pursue a job in marketing.”

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Nicole Rogers Photo

“My favorite part about this internship was getting to grow relationships with every team member, and that allowed me to not be afraid to ask questions and get more involved during my time here.”

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Brenna Voye - Rambler Digital Marketing Intern

“Interning at LV has been an incredible opportunity as a college student! I’ve gained invaluable digital marketing skills that go beyond what I could have learned in my coursework alone. The collaborative atmosphere at LV has been pivotal in my professional and personal growth, allowing me to learn from the marketing team while making meaningful contributions to the projects I worked on. I have built so many connections and friendships through this experience, and I am grateful to have had the chance to work under the leadership at LV.”

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