Media Production Director
Patrick Morrison

Patrick is the man behind – and sometimes in front of – the camera at LV Collective; he brings our work to life on the screen through his dynamic and engaging videos.

Patrick manages all visual media for LV Collective, overseeing all photography and video efforts. From scripting and shooting to interviewing and editing, he is a one-man video production company within LV. His dynamic property features, informative Q&As, and everything in between highlight the people, processes, projects, and properties that makeup LV.

Prior to joining LV Patrick served as Senior Video Producer for AQUILA Commercial, leading the company’s award-winning video department. During his time at AQUILA Patrick produced over 400 videos for the company’s YouTube Channel and Learning Center.

Patrick has vast experience building corporate video programs, and he has more than a decade of videography work under his belt. Patrick has won multiple Vidyard Video in Business Awards. In 2019 he was named In-House Video Producer of the Year and Educator of the Year in 2020.

Patrick earned his Bachelor of Arts in English and Film Studies with a minor in Public Speaking from Oklahoma State University. (Go Cowboys!)

Before committing to video full time, Patrick created and hosted his own TV show, radio show, and stand-up comedy shows. He is an avid disc golfer, and technically speaking, has never lost a dance-off.