Ravenn Rose Schorr headshot


Ravenn at Daydreamer in Whistler, Atlanta
General Manager, Daydreamer
Ravenn Rose Schorr

Ravenn Rose Schorr is the passionate General Manager at the Whistler Daydreamer Coffee in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ravenn, with her New York roots and classical European training, brings her expertise to Whistler’s Daydreamer location, overseeing its operations. Prior to joining LV, Ravenn served as Head Barista at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for two years.

Beyond the world of coffee, Ravenn embraces an active lifestyle, finding joy in running, kayaking, pickleball and yoga. When not at work or pursuing her sporty endeavors, Ravenn cherishes quality time spent with her better half Shachar and their beloved dog, Dov. Remarkably, she has contributed over a thousand hours of community service to the Atlanta area, a testament to her commitment to making a positive impact on the local community.