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Best Community Name: Rambler  

LV Collective is known throughout the industry for its iconic brands and powerful property names: Ruckus, Moontower and Waterloo to name a few.

Rambler was the third new development in four years from LV Collective in West Campus, with the previous two, Moontower and Waterloo, smashing successes. This new project had both the blessing and the curse of reputation. The blessing, the reputation of magnetic marketing and branding, jaw dropping spaces and energized amenities.

The curse? LV now had to compete with these two successful properties.

Creating yet another powerful name would be critical to the success of the project.

Most developers choose a name and craft a brand around that name. LV Collective took a different approach, starting with the brand and then choosing the name. We started by crafting the brand DNA, personality and positioning for the project. Through this process, we identified that our brand personality was friendly, positive and inspired.

Rambler Brand Vision

That brand platform set the stage for naming.

We identified dozens of names, checking each against the brand platform to make sure it was a fit.

Ultimately, our gut (and the facts) kept taking us back to one name: Rambler.

Rambler merch
Lincoln Ventures

From the start, we knew Rambler wouldn’t be just another community name.

Rambler is a walk, it’s a talk, it’s an attitude.

It isn’t just a logo and colors; it’s the voice and copywriting, it’s the photography and video style, it’s the attire of the students in our photos and our leasing office.

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Rambler isn’t a product type or price point.

It captures an identity and approach to life that resonates with students. Rambler offers a brand promise of LV’s signature experience, intentional design and superior service.

We heard it from our brand ambassadors, “Waterloo was so aesthetic, but Rambler is so me.”


Lincoln Ventures

Rambler’s name set the tone for the entire marketing and leasing strategy that would follow. And it was another smashing success.

The name, the brand, the identity resonated with students and led to a leasing story that was enviable. Rambler became the buzz on campus resulting in unprecedented leasing momentum.

Lines out the door. A 34% jump in leases in the first two weeks of leasing season.

Rambler outpaced the market and outperformed proforma, achieving 95% pre-lease in January 2023 when the rest of the market was 54%, and delivering 100% pre-leased.

Rambler’s name and brand proved so powerful, LV Collective is taking it to new markets around the country, with three new Rambler’s currently under construction.

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